Our Management

Burst Biz is building a team of professionals that will take it to the next level.  If you are interested in a position with Burst Biz please leave us a message.  We are proudly based in Windsor, Ontario.  Made with Love in Canada!


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Have the winning Team on Your Team!

Made In Canada

Our Office is proudly located in Windsor, Ontario. We hire locally and also provide students with on the job training..

University Of Windsor students are encouraged to apply for internships, full time and part-time positions.

Our Mission

To provide a great customer experience.  To help individuals achieve independence through entrepreneurship.  Provide online training material to help the business owners of today.

Our Vision

To have a positive impact on the community.  To provide local jobs and training. To have a charitable outlook on our community.  Burst Biz will support local business groups and assist in training programs for individuals looking to start a business.

Our Chief Operating Officer

Hao Ivy and her team have over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship.  She started her journey as a restaurantor, owning, and operating Asian food restaurants.  She is still currently involved in the operations of a local Asian restaurant in the Novi, Michigan area.  With her knowledge and education in the business, she has started a consulting company and is now looking to expand her base with Burst BizBurst Biz is based in Canada where Ms. Ivy sees so much potential for growth in the future.

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Hao Ivy

Ms. Ivy is a dedicated business woman.  She is determined to see the vision and mission of burst biz accomplish in Canada.

Get In Touch

let’s talk about all your options.  Leave your information below along with a phone number and we will be in touch.